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Halloween Shibuya

Halloween in Japan

Although Halloween was not celebrated in Japan until recent years, it’s becoming more popular each year. Many stores sell colorful Halloween decorations, costumes, and sweets. You can now find in many cities, shopping malls and theme parks Halloween events in September and October. Halloween parades, costume parties, and trick-or-treat events are often observed in fall. […]

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ramen bowl - fund raiser

Ramen (ラーメン) Fest – Sunday, November 22

Join us for a bowl or two of steamy goodness on Sunday, November 22 at the 4th Annual Ramen Fest (a.k.a. feast). This year delicious gyoza will be offered for sale on site. The ramen bowls should be pre-ordered, but there will be some same day sales as supplies permit. Purchase your ramen tickets at […]


Undōkai – Sports Day

Saturday, October 24th, the annual Undōkai will be held in the kaikan. Undōkai (運動会) is held across Japan typically in the early … [Read More...]

Fire Drill – September 26 – Youth School

Our students are precious. To help keep them safe a fire/evacuation drill is conducted within the first few weeks of school. … [Read More...]

I-House’s International Festival in Davis

October 4 4th International Festival in Davis, Davis, Central Park, C Street between 3rd and 5th Streets, Sunday, October 4, … [Read More...]

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About Japanese Culture


SHIWASU is a Japanese work for December which literally means “teachers run around”. This word reflects the busiest month of the year. During December, BOUNENKAI (forget-the-year-party) are held among co-workers or friends in Japan. It’s a Japanese custom to send OSEIBO (end-of-year gifts) around this time of the year. Also, it’s customary to write and […]


 It’s Otsukimi, the Harvest Moon Festival, and this is the ideal setting in which to celebrate it.  While few Japanese are lucky enough to have tearooms, let alone a pond with a view to    the  east, this ancient festival is meant to celebrate the beauty of the moon, and the fall harvest.  At most homes, it’s […]

mutual respect

In Japan respect and the community has been very significant in their culture. The Japanese language is ripe with honorifics that promulgate these respectful relationships. As part of the comparison of Japanese schools with those in the USA here is a video about two schools and the student’s experience in modern Japan. The video reveals […]