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Satsuma Mandarin (Mikan みかん) Sale

As leaves turn and the mornings grow chilly, tangy sweet seedless organic Owari Satsuma Mandarins (mikan みかん) are ripening in a local foothill orchard. Soon ten pound boxes of these golden orbs could be yours. The PTC’s Mikan Sale has begun and prepaid orders will be accepted until December 10th. Order Form The fruit will […]

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Enroll in Monday Spring Classes

February 2, 2015 – first day of Spring Semester New student registration – January 12, 7:30 pm > continuing students can register in class


Sakura Gakuen’s 3rd Annual Ramen Fest 11/23

WHEN: Sunday, November 23 10:30 am to 1 pm WHERE: Kaikan (gymn) HOW MUCH: $7 per delicious bowl MORE INFO: Event Flyer Sakura … [Read More...]

Honoring Decades of Service

RESCHEDUALED - Join the Buddhist Church of Sacramento in recognizing the immeasurable contributions of dedicated sensei … [Read More...]

Undōkai – Sports Day

Saturday, October 18th, the annual Undōkai will be held in the kaikan. Undōkai (運動会) is held across Japan typically in the early … [Read More...]

SG Shop — Buy your T-shirt today!

Everybody's got one — do you? Order your very own super stylish, wickedly epic, modern black Sakura Gakuen T-shirt at the new school store. There's other stuff here, too, like tote bags, sweatshirts & aprons. Check it out! Read more...


About Japanese Culture

The humidity of a Japanese summer is broken by seasonal foods, excursions to the mountains and beaches and summer festivals. The principal summer event is OBON, an honoring of the spirits of the dead. Obon usually takes place between July-August. It is a time that many Japanese return to their hometowns and visit their families […]

Sun and clouds embrace Fuji-san

      Celebrating the new year in Japan also means paying special attention to the first time something is done in the new year.       Hatsu-hinode (初日の出)is the first sunrise of the year.  Before sunrise on January 1, people often drive to the coast or climb a mountain so that they can see the first sunrise of […]


SHIWASU is a Japanese work for December which literally means “teachers run around”.  This word reflects the busiest month of the year.  During December, BOUNENKAI (forget-the-year-party) are held among co-workers or friends in Japan.  It’s a Japanese custom to send OSEIBO (end-of-year gifts) around this time of the year.  Also, it’s customary to write and mail NENGAJOU (New Year’s postcards) […]