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Responding to Web Input

Thank you for your constructive suggestions regarding these pages. Some of this input has been implemented and some is in progress. New this year – more tasty recipes including basic home-style fare listing of recent posts (found at bottom of right column) links to relevant events like speech contests WOTD and more learning resources increased […]

In the News

Kodomo no hi kabuto (samurai hat) making

Kodomo no hi – May 16

Saturday youth will enjoy a full morning of dancing, music, sports, crafts and food as the sensei and parent volunteers celebrate this Japanese national holiday, Children’s Day, with their usual flare for incorporating food and fun. Children’s Day, originally known as Tango no Sekku, was a celebration for boys. The holiday was officially changed to […]


San Francisco Field Trip – are you going? – 3/28 Update

UPDATED 3/28/2015 Get the latest details & Bus Seat Reservation form - due April 11th To help the PTC prepare for the spring … [Read More...]

Why Learn Japanese

Enjoy this new presentation on the many benefits of learning Japanese, courtesy of the Japan Foundation of Los Angeles. See links … [Read More...]

Harmony and History

The Saturday classes were visited by Reverend Bob Oshita and Gordon Nitta (Church Board of Trustees President) this first wet … [Read More...]

SG Shop — Buy your T-shirt today!

Everybody's got one — do you? Order your very own super stylish, wickedly epic, modern black Sakura Gakuen T-shirt at the new school store. There's other stuff here, too, like tote bags, sweatshirts & aprons. Check it out! Read more...


About Japanese Culture

mutual respect

In Japan respect and the community has been very significant in their culture. The Japanese language is ripe with honorifics that promulgate these respectful relationships. As part of the comparison of Japanese schools with those in the USA here is a video about two schools and the student’s experience in modern Japan. The video reveals […]

soji no jikan school cleaning time

At Sakura Gakuen more than just the language of Japan is shared. A blend of cultural experiences and lessons is part of our curriculum. This includes more than the Culture Days, cooking, crafts and field trips. Class discussions, projects and skits often focus on culture. As part of the examination of culture, the similarities and […]

Sun and clouds embrace Fuji-san

Celebrating the new year in Japan also means paying special attention to the first time something is done in the new year. Hatsu-hinode (初日の出)is the first sunrise of the year.  Before sunrise on January 1, people often drive to the coast or climb a mountain so that they can see the first sunrise of the […]